Insurance Claims

Oftentimes our customers get the cost of their chimney repairs covered under their Home Insurance Policy. We work with registered Professional Property Loss Assessors who can assist you with free claims advice, or alternatively they can handle all aspects of a fire damage claim on your behalf. These assessors operate on a “no win no fee” basis

Structural damage like fire damage can spread to areas within your house that may not be visible to you. Often smoke and soot damage can extend to areas of a fire damaged property where the fire did not even reach. This means that it is vital that your fire damaged home is professionally cleaned to prevent any further long term damage.

Unexpected fire damage to your property can be a very stressful and distressing experience. In the aftermath it’s not always clear what’s the best way to proceed to rectify the situation. Insurance companies can very often add to the confusion and uncertainty and they almost expect you to know what to do to submit your claim and begin the fire restoration process.

Contact us to speak to one of our Insurance Claim Specialists for free advice on how best to rectify your homes fire damage.