Most houses with open fires and stoves should be having their chimneys cleaned at least twice a year, and at Gill Chimney Services we provide a top quality cleaning service, that our customers come back for year after year. Chimney cleaning is at the core of our business, and it’s what we began to build our good reputation upon.

To ensure the best possible results for our customers, we only use industry approved power sweeping systems when cleaning your chimney.

No matter what kind of fuel you burn, all smoke leaves behind an oily build-up of soot and creosote, which when it builds up, becomes a dangerous hazard that if left unchecked, can lead to chimney fires.

Regular chimney cleaning also helps avoid the build-up of harmful gases which can also cause chimney fires. A smoky fire without enough oxygen releases unburned tar vapours which condense inside the flue and stick to it, so it is very important to provide adequate combustion air in your fireplace.

At Gill Chimney Services we can give you the best advice to ensure a safer fireplace for your home, and when we are finished cleaning your chimney, we will leave your room dust free and as clean as we found it.


Ensuring your chimney is always in good condition means regular checks and maintenance, because over time chimneys are prone to cracks, breaks and damage. When your chimney is damaged it’s very important to repair it quickly so even bigger problems don’t occur.

We are chimney repair experts, and have been repairing and maintaining chimneys for so long now that our skills and service are second to none. So if you have a chimney that needs repairing, or even if you’re in need of a total chimney rebuild, then please call us for a free consultation.

Our chimney camera system allows us to carry out chimney inspections and full surveys in order to determine the root cause and location of any problems, which then facilitates us in determining the most effective and reliable repair solution to restore your chimney to full safety standards.

Our Chimney Repair Services Include:

  • Chimney Pointing/Repointing Of Chimney Brickwork.
  • Chimney Removal.
  • Chimney Lining/Relining.
  • Chimney Breast Repair, Removal & Fabrication/Installation Of Structural Support Steelwork.
  • Increasing Chimney Draw.
  • Identifying Causes Of Down Draught & Implementing Solutions.
  • Rebuilding Domestic Chimney Brick Stacks.
  • Chimney Aspirator & Anti-Downdraught Chimney Cowl Fitting.
  • Chimney Capping & Vent Repairs.
  • Replacement & Repair Of Damaged Chimney Pots.
  • Chimney Brickwork Cleaning & Restoration.
  • Lightning Protection/ Lightning Conductor Fitting.

Tar Removal

Creosote (a flammable and corrosive substance) is the result of the distillation of tar, which is a by-product of burning various solid fuels. It can look like a road tar running down the inside of your chimney, or a shiny black substance which coats the inside of your stove or flue. When tar/creosote settles in your chimney it cannot be removed by brushes alone, it must be chemically treated and then removed.

Often caused by the chimney having a poor draught, if left untreated it can form a thick layer, which can easily catch fire, with potentially devasting results.

Our Chimney Tar Removal Approach

We use an industry approved chemical treatment which we supply to you in sachets for use in your affected chimney. The period of treatment is dictated by the nature, condition and stage of the tar within the chimney. Once the treatment is completed over the prescribed period of time, we then arrange a second appointment to remove the dislodged tar

See our FAQs for further information on the causes and stages of creosote ⇨

Bird Nest Removal

Bird nests in chimneys (with or without birds in them) can be a serious health and fire safety problem for any house. Whilst bird droppings are unsightly in your fireplace, the birds can also carry mites and parasites into your home via the fireplace. Over the years we have developed our highly-effective Bird Nest Removal service to solve this problem.

Birds nesting in the chimney can render the chimney unusable. Crows often return to the same nest year after year, so the problem will persist unless it is treated properly. The nest itself can be up to one meter down the chimney making it difficult to access and remove.

Gill Chimney Services specialises in bird nest removal, and when completed, we will fit special bird guards on chimneys to prevent the return of the nesting birds in the future.