Chimney Cleaning

Chimneys should be cleaned  twice annually to remove soot and creosote that can cause chimney fires.

No matter what kind of fuel you burn, all smoke leaves behind an oily build-up of soot and creosote.

It also helps avoid the build-up of harmful gases which can be fatal. A smoky fire without enough oxygen releases unburned tar vapours which condenses inside the flue and sticks to it. This could eventually lead to chimney fire. It is important to provide adequate combustion air in your fireplace which encourages a hot, clean burning fire, and reduces creosote build-up in the fireplace. It is always important to book the services of a professional chimney cleaner.

Dust-free Chimney Cleaning Service

Designed for extensive day to day use that a professional sweep demands. The International Award winning click system, has been engineered to give an unrivaled clean, because of the design of the click heads and unique copolymer strands, you can tackle everything from a lined flue to an unlined flue. The brush can be soft or firm bristled just by altering the speed of the drill. Not only does power sweeping help take the physical wear and tear away from the chimney sweeps body, but leaves the flue in pristine condition when used by the professionally trained sweep.

We provide a fast, efficient, debris and dust-free chimney cleaning service.

If you feel that your chimney requires a clean sweep but cannot confirm that, feel free to reach out to us and our professionals will determine if a sweep is necessary or not. Our inspection will be a general inspection of the fireplace, thus keeping you and your family safe by recommending the best fire preventive measures.

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