Birds Nest Removal

Bird nests with or without birds in them are a health and fire safety problem for your home. Bird droppings are not only unsightly in your fireplace, but birds can also carry mites and parasites into you home, We provide a Birds Nest Removal service to alleviate this problem in your home.

Birds Nesting in the chimney can render the chimney unusable. Rooks and Crows will very often return to the same nest year after year so the problem will persist unless it is treated properly. The nest itself can be up to one meter into the chimney making them difficult to access and difficult to remove.

Gill Chimney Services specializes in Bird Nest Removal and will fit bird guards on chimneys to prevent the return of the nesting pair in the future.

Contact Gill Chimney Services to book a Removal of Bird Nest from your home or commercial property.