About Us

When it comes to chimney knowledge and experience, there are few around who can compete with Darren Gill. As part of the family cleaning business, Darren has been involved in the industry since leaving school, also working with various established chimney cleaners, learning the trade, getting educated on the necessary sciences, and finding newer and better ways to offer services and value to customers

During the recession, Darren spotted a gap in the marketplace for a cleaner and tidier, higher quality, customer focused chimney cleaning service, that could also offer other services that were being outsourced to independent contractors, such as Inspections and Testing etc. Thus, Gill Chimney Services was born.

In the early days of Gill Chimney Services, there was just Darren, out on the road, looking after customers, building his good reputation and getting a lot of repeat business because of the high quality service he was giving.

Today, Gill Chimney Services is a much larger operation, that is still personal and focused on giving great value and quality service, with customers all over Leinster. The team at Gill Chimney Services undergo regular education and training to ensure that the ethos of the business that Darren founded continues to thrive.

“A good reputation and quality service is the cornerstone of my business. If you have invited us into your house to do a job for you, then we should respect your home, and ensure that when we have finished the job that your home is as clean as we found it, and you know that 100% effort and commitment went into that job”

Darren Gill